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Titre Edition / Volume / Date / Area Published by / Publié par Publication Year / Année de publication


Acadia Valley : Times to Remember 1905 – 1980 Acadia Valley Community Club 1981
Acme Memories Volume 1 Acme and District Historical Society 1979
Acme Memories II Volume 2 Acme History Book 2010
Aden & Area : The Hills of Home Second Edition 2003 Hills of Home History Committee 2003
Alix – Clive : Pioneers and Progress Volume 1 Alix Clive Historical Club 1974
Alix – Clive : Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress Volume 2 Alix Clive Historical Club 1981

Athabasca East : Land of Dreams

Districts East of Athabasca : Golden Sunset (Tawatinaw), Parkhurst, Toles (Amber Valley), Rodger’s Chapter, Forest, Ferguson, Clover View.

East Athabasca History Book Society


Alhambra : Our Priceless Heritage History of Alhambra, Arbutus, Beaver Flat, Bongley, Horseguard, Oras, Sleepy Valley and Taimi Alhambra & District Reunion & Historical Society 1980
Altario : Pioneer Heritage of Kirriemuir, Altario and Compeer Book 1
Altario : Pioneer Heritage Book 2 – Compiled in 1981 1981
Ardley / Delburne / Lousana : Through the Years History Book Committee Anthony Henday Historical Society 1980
Ardrossan : Cherished Memories Ardrossan Unifarm 1972
Armena & Baldensein : Footprints Along the Stoney A History of Armena and Baldenstein Areas Armena Local History Committee 1982


Banff : We Live in a Postcard Banff Family Histories Banff History Book Committe 2005

From Out of the Wilderness

A History of Baptiste Lake, Deep Coulee, Forfar, Forfar East, Forfar West, Fraternity, Grosmont, Lahaieville, Larvert, South Athabasca, West Athabasca and Winding Trail School Districts  

The Eight Horizons Historical Society


Bardo : Centennial History 1894 – 1994 Bardo History Book Committee 1994
Barnwell / Cranford & Area : Our People in a Land of Green and Gold Barnwell – Cranford History Book Committee 1985
Barons & Area : Wheat Heart of the West A History of Barons and District Barons History Committee 1972
Barrhead : The Golden Years Barrhead History Book Committe 1978
Bassano : Best in the West By a Damsite 1900 – 2000 Bassano Historical Society 2005
Bassano : Best in the West By a Damsite 1900 – 1940 Bassano History Book Club 1974
Bay Tree : Homesteaders’ Heritage A History of Baytree, Bonanza Gordondale, West Pouce Coupé, and East Doe River. Fellow Pioneers Historical Society 1982
Bawlf : We Came and We Stayed History of Bawlf, Alberta & District 1980
Beaumont : Histoire de Beaumont et district – History of Beaumont and District 1885 – 1960 Beaumont History Book Committe 1985
Beaver Crossing : Memories Past to Present A History of Beaver Crossing and Surrounding District Cherry Grove History Committee 1981
Beaverlodge to the Rockies Volume 1 Beaverlodge and District Historical Association 1974
Beaverlodge to the Rockies – Supplement Volume 2 Beaverlodge and District Historical Association 1976
Harvest of Memories A History of the Districts of Beaverton, Goodridge, Larkin, Maloy, Truman and White Rat Goodridge Social and Agricultural Society 1999
Beazer & District : Bridging the Years A History of Beazer

1890 – 1988

Beazer Historical Committee 1988
Bergen : Forever Bergen The Bergen History Book Committee 2008
Berry Moor / Carnwood & Area : Forests to Grainfields Berrymoor / Carnwood Historical Society 1977
Berrydale, Ennerdale, Hainstock, Innislake Waterside & Districts : Glimpses of the Past 1894 – 1994 Hainstock Centennial History Book Association


Berwyn : Brick’s Hill Berwyn and Beyond A History of Berwyn and District Berwyn Centennial Committee
Beveridge Lake, East View Garrett, Hesketh & Area : Memories – Yours and Mine A History of Beveridge Lake, East View Garrett, Hesketh, Humbolt, Kirby, Lenox, Marne, WEBBS School Districts. Hesketh Pope Lease Historical Society


Bindloss Region : More Dreams, Dust and Dedication Bindloss Community Club 2007
Blueberry MTN. : The Big Bend Big Bend Historical Committee 1981
Big Valley : As We Remember Big Valley Tom McCarthy 1974
Bon Accord & District : Leaves of Yesteryear A History of Bon Accord District Bon Accord F.W.U.A. 1969
Bonnyville : Echos d’autrefois – Echos of the Past Histoire de Bonnyville et District

History of Bonnyville and District

Bowell : Wagon Trails & Pionner Tales Bowell, Bowmanton, Box Springs, Chappice Lake, Finn Lake, Harvest Vale, Lake Valley, Pearsonville, Vale Bowell to Bowmanton Historical Society 1993
Bowness : Our Village in the Valley Bowness & Area Bowness Historical Society 2005
A History of Bow Island and Area : Sage Brush to Pivots Bow Island & Area Bow Island History Book Group 2004
Breton : The Ladder of Time Breton & Area Breton District Historical Society 1980
Brooks : Between the Red Deer and the Bow Mrs. Eva Delday 1975
Brooks : Faith and Flowing Water The History of the Catholique people in the Eastern Irrigation District and surrounding area St. Mary’s Historical Book Society 1982
Brosseau : Our Crossing – Rivers to Roads A history of the Brosseau, Duvernay and Surrounding Area 1980
Brownfield : Lengthening Shadows of the Neutrals Brownfield and Area New Dawn Seniors Club 1979
Brownfield : Lengthening Shadows 2000 Brownfield, Bulwark, Silver Heights, and Talbot Districts Brownfield History Committee 2000
Bruderheim : From Bush to Bushels A History of Bruderheim & District Bruderheim Historical Committee 1983
Buffalo : From Buffalo Chips to Microchips Buffalo Agricultural Society 2009
Buffalo Lakes : Buffalo Trails – Tales of the Pioneers Buffalo Lake Community Society 1978

Bull Pound : Lone Butte North

A History of Bull Pound, Earltown, Eden, Fraserton, Golden Hill Lake Rose, Lone Butte, Normandale, Olive  

Lone Butte Book Club


Byemoor & Area : Still God’s Country The Early History of Beymoor and Area Byemoor History Committee 1975


Calahoo Tails 1842 – 1955
Camrose : A Light Into the Past A History of Camrose

1905 – 1980

Canmore : The Story Of An Era Edna Appleby 1975
Canmore : Seniors at the Summit – “Tell Us a Story” Cnmore Seniors Association 2000
Cardston : Chief Mountain Country A History of Cardston and District Volune I Cardston and District Historical Society 1978
Cardston : Chief Mountain Country A History of Cardston and District Volune II Cardston and District Historical Society 1987
Cardston : Chief Mountain Country A History of Cardston and District Volune III Cardston and District Historical Society 2005
Carseland : More Trails to the Bow History of Carseland and Area Carseland History Book Committee 2004
Carseland : Trails to the Bow Carseland and Cheadle Chronicles D.W. Friesen & Sons Ltd. 1971
Carstairs : Beyond Our Prairie Trails Volume II Carstairs History Book Committee 1995
Cayley : Under the Chinook Arch 2007 A History of Cayley and Surrounding Area

1867 – 1967

Champion and District Champion History Society 1999
Chaps and Chinooks : A History West of Calgary Volume 1 Elaine Hanna 1976
Chaps and Chinooks : A History West of Calgary Volume 2 Foothills Historical Society 1976
Chestermere : A Home For All Seasons The Town of Chestermere 2005
 Chisholm : Echoes Along the Athabasca River A history of Chisholm, Fawcett Lake, Forest View, Hondo, Lawrence Lake, Moose Portage, Moose River, Otter Creek, Ranch, Smith, Smokey Creek Smith Half Century Plus Historical Book Committee


Claresholm : Where the Wheatlands meet the Range Claresholm History Book Club 1974
Cleardale : The Clear Vision A History of the Cleadale Area 60 miles west of Fairview Cleardale History Book Committee 1982
Cluny : Memories of Cluny A Story of Cluny, Ouelletteville, Crowfoot Creek, Blackfoot Reserve The Cluny & District Historical Society 1985
Clyde : A place to Call Home Clyde History Book Committee 2000
Coal Branch : Oh! The Coal Branch A Chronical of the Alberta Coal Branch Mrs. Toni Ross 1974
Coaldale : Gem of the West 1900 – 1983 Coaldale Historical Society 1983
Coalhurst : Our Treasured Heritage A History of Coalhurst and District Coalhurst History Society 1984
Cochrane : Big Hill Country Cochrane and Area Cochrane and Area Historical Society 1977
Cochrane : More Big Hill Country Cochrane and Area

1945 – 1980

Cochrane Historical & Archival Preservation Society (CHAPS) 2009
Cold Lake : Treasured Scales of the Kinisoo
Colinton & Districts : Yesterday & Today Colinton History Book Club
Coronation : In the Beginning A History of Coronation, Throne, Federal and Fleet Dristricts Coronation T & C Golden Age Club 1979
Crossfield : Prairie Sod and Goldenrod A History of Crossfield and District The Crossfield History Committee 1977
Crossroads : The District’s Diary 95 years of History of the Crossroads, Poplar Ridge, Norma and Durham Districts Poplar Ridge Historical Committee 1981
Crowfoot : Makepeace – Echoes From the Past Crowfoot, Adams Lake, Altaview, Granta, Makepeace

1890 -1990

Makepeace Women of Unifarm 1991
Crowsnest and its people. Crowsnest Pass Historical Society 1979
Cypress Hills Country Cypress Hills Historical Society 1991
Czar : More Echoes Along the Ribstone 1978 – 2003 Grassland Pioneer Historical Society 2003


DeBolt United Church 1932 – 1982
DeBolt : Across the Smoky DeBolt and District Pionner Museum Society 1978
Del Bonita : Heritage of the High Country A history of Del Bonita and surrounding Districts Del Bonita Historical Society 1981
Deville : Land Among the Lakes A History of the Deville and North Cooking Lake Area Deville-North Cooking Lake Historical Society 1982
De Winton : Sodbusting to Subdivision De Winton & District Historical Committee 1978
Diligence Homecoming 1905 – 1980 August 31, 1980
Dixonville : Ten Dollars and a Dream L.I.F.E History Committee 1977
Donalda’s Roots and Branches U-Go Weavers History Book Committee 1980
Donnelly : Leurs rêves; nos mémoires (Région Peavine Creek) – Français Histoire de la région Donnelly-Falher et biographies des pionniers. 1979
Donnelly : by the Peavine … in the Smoky … of the Peace. – English Local Historyof Donnelly-Falher and Biographies of the Pioneers 1980
Drumheller : The Hills of Home Drumheller Valley Drumheller Valley History Association 1973
Duhamel : Battle River Country The History of Duhamel and Area The Duhamel Historical Society 1974
Dunmore South : Plains, Trains and Wagon Wheels Dunmore South History Book Society 1994


Eaglesham: Smoky Peace Triangle A History of the Eaglesham, Tangent, Watino and Codesa Areas Eaglesham history Book Committee 1991
Eagle Valley : Wagon Trails Plowed Under A History of Eagle Valley, Sundre East, and Sangro Eagle Valley Book Club 1977
Eastway: Trails to Highways Eastway and Area Eastway Ladies Social Club 1972
East Prairie Métis Settlement 1939 – 1979 : 40 Years of Determination
Eckville: Homesteads and Happiness Eckville and District Historical Society 1979
Eckville: Memories to the Millennium A History of Eckville & District Eckville History Committee 2005
Edson to Grande Prairie Trail DeBolt & District Pioneer Museum Society 1988
Elnora: Buried Treasures The historyof Elnora, Pine-Lake and Huxley Elnora History Committee 1972
Elnora: Buried Treasures Volume II – The History of Elnora, Pine Lake and Districts (Cornwall Valley, Elnora, Glenellen, Grandcourt, Howell’s Lake, Lakeview, Mount Pleasant, Pine Lake, West Lynne and Wyndham). Elnora – Pine Lake History Book Association